Friday, July 1, 2011

Popcorn Pick- July 2011

Greetings, avid moviegoers!
Summer marches on, and with it comes the biggest movies of the season. That's right, more superheroes, fighting robots, aliens, and boy wizards are in our future, and we will be bombarded by all of them before the summer's over. Some will be bad, and some will hopefully be so good they bring a tear to our eye. At any rate, July brings something for everyone to the multiplex, making me not the only person excited for this month.

Wednesday, June 29th*
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Sigh. Well, at least Megan Fox is gone, right?
It's true, the third installment in the massively popular trilogy brings some of the biggest action, thrills, and visual splendor to the table, with a more grounded, emotional plot and new characters. But the biggest question on everyone's lips isn't about the giant robots, it's, where's Megan Fox? And who's this new girl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Shia LaBeouf returns for more running and screaming, while Michael Bay has fun with his usual 8-year-old director shtick. And of course, this is the first film in the franchise in 3D. Prepare to have your eyes bleed. And what's with that inept title? Is there a word missing?

Friday, July 8th
Horrible Bosses

Haven't heard of this film? I don't blame you. They haven't advertised it much. Since it's a big summer comedy, my hunch is that something is wrong with the film since it's not generating any buzz. But you know what, the trailer looks pretty good, so here it's included in my list. Three mild-mannered working guys (Jason Bateman, Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Day) conspire to kill their respective bosses, who are ruining their lives. The bosses are each played by actors with tour-de-force performances: Kevin Spacey as a leering slave driver, Colin Farrell as a bald and fat guy, and Jennifer Aniston as a brunette (!) bitch. The dark comedy also stars Jamie Foxx.

Friday, July 15th
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The last Harry Potter film. I think everyone knows the significance- and the magnitude- of that statement, even if they're not fans of the franchise. Set to be the biggest movie of the summer, the eighth and final film in the highest-grossing film franchise of all time returns to where it all began, Hogwarts Castle, after it being MIA in Part 1. All bets are off as both sides of the wizarding world decide to meet in battle. Everyone is looking forward to the climactic Harry/Voldemort smackdown and wondering what details from the book were changed, but the part I'm most excited for? The reveal of Snape's secret past.
It's also been converted to 3D; not sure how I feel about that.

Friday, July 22nd
Captain America: The First Avenger

The second Avengers movie of the summer (after Thor) is sort of a prequel: set in World War II, a weak Army recruit is given superhuman strength and reflexes in order to fight the Nazis. It's about time the most famous comic-book superhero after Superman got a big-screen adaptation, but sadly, there is not much buzz surrounding this film, and it looks less than stellar. It stars Chris Evans (Fantastic 4) as Cap, with Hugo Weaving as the villain.
Fans, look for the inevitable Iron Man connections scattered throughout.

Friday, July 29th
Cowboys & Aliens

This may just be the worst movie of the year. The title alone is the worst since Snakes on a Plane. But at least you know exactly what it's about: aliens land in the Old West, and a criminal and a lawman have to band together to defeat the invaders. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford (haven't seen him in much lately) star in this genre-bending actioner.

Some say August is a summer month, but in my mind, summer ends with July. There are many more movies coming out in July (you'll notice I missed several kids' films, including the Winnie the Pooh reboot), so remember that just because I didn't pick them here, doesn't mean they're not worth seeing. So check out at least one movie this month- you'll be glad you did!

*It's true, this movie should have been in last month's post, but in my defense, it was moved up from its original release date of July 1st at the last minute.