Thursday, April 8, 2010

Popcorn Pick 4-9-10

Popcorn Pick

Thanks for reading Popcorn Pick, a new feature I've decided to add to my blog! Hundreds of movies are released into American theatres every year. Keeping up with all of them is not only difficult, but very annoying. I can help on that front, because I don't think it's annoying. I keep track of all the major movies that come out every week, and I'll let you know which ones are worth the price of a ticket.
The basic question surrounding this feature is, if you are going to see one movie this weekend, which one should you see? Popcorn Pick will give you my opinion on which movie to see. For this feature, I will try to take my opinion out of it as much as possible and recommend the film that is driving the most buzz or that looks the best. Ninety percent of the time, I'll choose a new release, but if nothing good is coming out that week, I'll pick a film that's been out for a while that you might have missed. But I'll always choose a new film every week- no going back for seconds here. Look for a new Popcorn Pick every Thursday or Friday. Since I'm updating weekly, these should be very brief posts.

For my first Pick, I choose a film I've been excitedly waiting for: Date Night. For the first time ever, The Office's Steve Carell and 30 Rock's Tina Fey- in my mind, basically the king and queen of current comedy- are finally doing a movie together. The action comedy stars Carell and Fey as a married couple who decide to have a date night that doesn't go quite as planned. They are mistaken for another couple who has stolen from the mob and have to go on the run. The film also stars Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, and Mila Kunis, and is sure to be if not a great movie, then at least a great night out at the movies.

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