Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popcorn Pick 7-9-10

No summer is complete without a popular animated movie strictly for kids. Since Toy Story 3 is really for adults just as much as the little ones, Despicable Me is the kid-friendly pick of the summer. Steve Carell lends his voice to the main character of Gru, a short, pointy-nosed villain who likes to steal major monuments. Once he puts his plan in motion to steal the moon, he inherits three orphan girls who give him a new perspective on life. The target audience's favorite part will be the little yellow minions scattered throughout, speaking gibberish and giggling the whole way through. An assortment of colorful characters and an agressive marketing campaign will make this a hit. Hopefully has some stuff for the adults as well. The all-star cast also includes Jason Segel (I Love You, Man) , Russell Brand (Get Him to the Greek), Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock).

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